Add embedded finance options to your invoicing platform.

We create automated process to provide fast and efficient financing to issuers or payers of invoices at point of invoicing.

Add a finance option on every outgoing invoice

Attract and retain more users and tap into new revenue streams with Flip's payment options.

Help customers pay

Choose from a range of payment methods and finance options like pay in instalments or extend credit terms with Flip’s powerful APIs.

Win more users

Win and retain users within your ecosystem and support your customers by integrating payments to get paid faster.

Easy to implement

Smooth fully integrated and quick onboarding process for your clients to offer or access finance on every invoice.

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Choose multiple payment options

Select payment options to enable

Facilitate multiple payment methods for your customer to "pay" or "get paid".

B2B Payments

Add multiple online payment options on each invoice including card or bank transfer.

Payment Plans

Add POS finance options such as extended terms or instalment plans to invoices.

Invoice Finance

Add early payment options to allow users to access instant funding from issued invoices.

Supplier Payments

Make financing available to help your customers pay supplier invoices and mange cash flow.

Get more out of your payments with Flip.

Customise payment workflows

Industry vertical solutions

We spend time understanding industry payment flows, unit economics and credit risk to develop product capability.

Built to support existing platforms with quick and easy integration options.

Real-time transaction level reporting with a white label communications module.

Combine payments and financing solution for users with one integration.

Scalable without complex development effort so you can support your users.

Simple, digital and quick onboarding process for a merchant account.

Support financing and payment workflows for receivables and payables.

Easy to add finance options to your platform?

Our developer-friendly APIs are designed for simple integration and connect seamlessly to your tech stack.

  • Invoicing 
  • Point of Sale
  • ecommerce

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