Our story

We are focused on redefining ways to solve problems with a few clicks with some pretty slick technology and a really innovative team.

We are a Sydney based Fintech enabling payment solutions for businesses. We want to connect merchants with consumers and offer a seamless payment solution for pay now and pay later for B2C and B2B markets.

We were incubated to solve a particular payments workflow problem within a single industry. As we developed a solution, applications across multiple industries became visible. Understanding the end-to-end payments process for businesses and their customers has shaped our continuous efforts to innovate.

Fast forward with some learnings along the way, we’re using payments technology and industry specific customer experiences to support businesses. Central to this approach is enabling simple, frictionless access to funding and payment options to help our partners grow their sales.

We are continuously learning everyday about how to solve problems for businesses and enhance the customer experiences they offer. We enjoy seeing business overcome problems through our payments and funding solutions.

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