Supporting solar suppliers with point of sale finance

Giving suppliers and customers a convenient way to pay or get paid.

  • Limits up to $250K.
  • Add terms on every invoice.
  • Next day funding.

For Suppliers

Offer your customers B2B payment options and get paid upfront

Give your customers more options to manage their cash flow and focus on growing your sales.

Offer flexible payment terms

Give your customers flexibility by offering payments terms options of 30, 45 or 60 days. You get paid the next day. We collect with invoice payment by Direct Debit.

Offer payment plans

Let your customers pay with 3, 6 or 12 monthly instalments. You get paid the next day and your buyers can better manage their cash flow, while you close more deals.

Want to learn more about how adding a pay options can help win you more business?

A smarter way to sell

Become a merchant partner

Process payments smoothly to speed up the buying process. Flip’s automated credit and fraud checks are completed in real-time.

Save time and money on credit control teams. Flip runs all credit and fraud checks, takes care of payment collection and payment so you can focus on your core business.

Digital onboarding experience with quick verification and underwriting of merchants. We comply with security standards to prevent fraud, helping you get paid faster. 

Get updated in real-time. Track and manage orders, invoices, and payments in one place with your merchant portal.

No setup costs, no technical integration, available on any device and simple to use, allowing you to start generating sales right away.

We want to work with your business too.

If you’re a supplier or installer, get in touch to explore how we can make it easy for your team.

How it works


Sell your goods and invoice your business customers.


Your business customer chooses how they want to pay and enter their business information.


Real-time credit check, approval and next day funding.