Who is FlipPay?

We are a Sydney based Fintech company providing secure digital payment solutions for businesses. We connect businesses with their customers and offer a seamless payment solution with ‘Pay Now’ and ‘Pay Later’ options.

We use cloud based payments technology to provide a configurable customer experience allowing businesses to deliver payment options to their customers.

We also provide an integrated platform to provide businesses access to cash flow funding, with only a few clicks.

If you’re a business looking to grow, then yes. We’ve built a platform for companies of all shapes and sizes.

The best way to see what we can do for your business is to go through our simple onboarding. There’s no sign-up or commitment fees.

White-Label Buy Now Pay Later

How do I start offering my own BNPL plans?

Get onboarded.
Once you onboard, you can customise and configure your payment plan options and being offering them to your customers. Add a ‘Pay Later’ button that is integrated in your payments gateway.

You control the customer experience and own all the user data. We simply provide you with our technology and a set of APIs. No catch.

If your customer is 18 years or older, and a permanent resident of Australia, all they need is a debit or credit card, a verifiable email address, a mobile number, and a form of ID and be able to make the first payment.

Apply to join as a merchant and our team will contact you for more information.

We do not charge any interest.

In accordance to the payment schedule we have with the Merchant.

Yes, protecting your information is very important to us. We process all payments with the right PCI DSS compliance.

This means that all sensitive information is encrypted, and we maintain stringent physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information.


What payment types are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

A payments page that is hosted by us (with your company branding and within your website) where your customers can submit their card details and complete their purchase or pay for an invoice using a convenient online payment option.

You will need:
– Company Directors details and personal ID to complete our KYC
– Merchant ID if you have one
– Business bank account details
– Website address
– Privacy policy
– Some information about your business and what you sell

No, we will settle into your preferred account.

Using our Merchant Portal, you can access information on settlements, send payment requests, add users and control their access levels.

If there is a problem, Please contact us at

We work with a payment service provider to process all of our online card-based transactions. We have partnered with Till Payments Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 64 160 726 349 (Till Payments) to provide payment services from FlipPay directly to your account.

Business Pay Later

What is a Business Payment Plan?

A Business Payment Plan allows your customers pay for goods and services you provide with a series of instalment payments over a defined period of time. We pay your invoice, your customer pays us in 4 equal interest-free instalments.

Our Early Pay funding option allows a business to access funds in the value of an invoice (or multiple invoices) upfront, rather than waiting for the invoice to be paid. Just like invoice financing, with a different name.

We remain in the background and let you manage your customer relationship. We deduct our fee from your drawdown request.

Early pay can be great fit for companies that are required to offer long payment terms to customers. It is suitable for established customer relationships that have good standing and trading history with you. Early pay also helps to manage seasonal cash flow variances.

Simply complete the online form in as little as 5 minutes.
We will need:
– Personal Details
– Company Details
– Driver’s Licence Number
– Identification of Directors
– BSB and Account Number.

We will also need learn a little about your turnover and customers for context.

To access funding under a Business Payment Plan, the following applies:
– You are an Australian company with an ABN and GST-registered
– Your customer has been trading for six months, or more
– You provided the service in Australia
– You issued a tax invoice to an Australian business with the invoice amount, issue date and due date
– Invoices issued for delivered goods or completed services
– Invoice should not have reached its due date
– Invoices with payment terms between 15-90 days
– Invoices with a value between $5,000 and $100,000

The cost varies depending on a number of factors and the type of facility requested, industry type, length of business relationship and how long your customer has been operating.

There are no sign-up fees and no lock-in contract.

For Business Payment Plans; payments will be automatically processed direct from your customers nominated debit or credit card.

For the Early Pay option; we direct debit your bank account on the invoice due date.

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