Flip your business and integrate smarter workflow technology

Pay or Get Paid.

FlipPay is focused on making high quality payments technology for your business.
Our products are white-label to ensure that you retain your customers across workflows and transactions, deepening your relationship with them.

Looking for a White-Label payments solution for your customers?

With Flip your customers can buy now and pay back with an instalment plan, or simply pay now using your refreshed e-commerce workflow. The deep integration provided allows for payment processing anytime, online.

Pay Now

Accept online payments or send payment requests to your customers with your own branded gateway (offered as a link or QR code).

Use a securely hosted payments page that integrates on your website or payment gateway within your CRM or invoicing platform.

Our solutions are customisable to ensure you meet the needs of your customers and securely retain data.

We have built workflows that prioritise automation. The set-up process is built for your gain, with no pain.

Pay Later

We provide you with technology to set up a configurable interest-free payments service for your customers.

Money is settled into your bank account daily. We take care of collections as your customers pay us later in line with the payments plan they sign up for.

You will own all of the user data and be able to use it as a tool for repeat marketing.

Simple integrations so the entire workflow happens in your platform and the end result is in your brand.

Thinking you should Flip?

If you’re a merchant or platform provider and want to offer smarter solutions, connect with us and we’ll show you how easy it is.