Payments solutions for platforms, merchants and SME's

For Platforms

Enable payments and POS financing with easy integration options.

Earn transactional fee revenue for every payment originated on your platform and turn integration and development costs into an additional revenue opportunity.

We provide options for you to leverage our technology infrastructure, API’s and pre-built workflows to embed into your platform. Support your customers by integrating payments to get paid faster.

Our pre-built solution is easily integrated into your platform, with the API’s having been designed to take the weight off your developers’ shoulders.

Let your clients access our merchant dashboard to handle all their payment needs or use our API’s to build your own reporting and transaction status updates for your customers directly in your platform.

Fully integrated, digital and quick onboarding process for your clients to start accepting payments, add payment options to outgoing invoices or access working capital solutions.

For Merchants

Provide something different to customers.

Pay or Get Paid. Give multiple payment options to your customers at POS to help them manage their own working capital and increase loyalty or get early access to funding from the sales you make.

Offer Pay Now and Pay Later options on your sales to ensure that you retain your customers, deepening your relationship with them. you own the user data and will be able to use it as a tool for repeat marketing.

Add online payments within invoices or send payment requests to your customers with your own branded hosted payments page that integrates on your website or invoicing platform. 

Add Pay Later payment options to your B2B sales. Start with a configurable deferred payment or payment plan for your customers. We make it easy to onboard customers while we handle all KYC/AML compliance requirements.

Money is settled into your bank account daily for any payment method type. We take care of collections as your customers pay us later in line with the payment plan they signed up for.

For SME's

Cashflow for payables or receivables.

Access funding for your unpaid invoices or increase revenue by providing Pay Later payment options for B2B transactions. Give yourself and your customers cashflow flexibility.

Select invoices or customers you want to finance or offer extended credit terms too. We fund you as soon as services are delivered or goods accepted.

Offer B2B ‘Pay in 4’ or extended credit terms to your customers to turn sales into upfront cashflow.

Add Pay Now via card as a payment method with deferred payment options on your invoices.

Automating supplier onboarding so suppliers can accept early payments for some or all of their invoices.

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