Payments solutions for platforms, enterprise merchants and SME's

For Platforms

Provide online payments and POS financing with our easy integration.

We provide options for you to leverage our technology and place it into your platform.

Our solutions are able to be tailored suited for the needs of your platform. Talk to us about how we can develop a platform-centric solution for you.

Complexities have been removed out of the integration process. Our priority was to create automated implementation, and you can be assured we’ve made it easier than you’d expect.

For Enterprise Merchants

Upgrade your options and provide something smart to customers.

Flip complex processes into simple ones. We have prioritised simplicity to deliver an exceptional experience.

Get a pre-built solution that’s easily integrated into your platform. Our API’s are designed to take the weight off your developer’ shoulders.

Improve the technology capabilities you have to offer and ensure customer satisfaction remains intact. The end-user experience is designed to make sense, not create headaches. 

For SME's

We'll work with you to design a payments solution that fits.

Outline what payments technology you’d like to implement. We’ll understand your needs and meet them with technology to evolve your processes.

Connect your platform to our solutions and offer them to your customers. The platform is industry agnostic and can integrate with the third party providers you currently use.

Offer ‘Pay in 4’ terms to your customers or use the early payments option to turn sales into upfront cashflow.

Ready to Flip?