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Rello for Real Estate

FlipPay's white-label in action.

Rello is a payments solution for CRM platforms and Real Estate Agencies.

Tailored for the Real Estate Industry

Rello uses FlipPay's bespoke payments platform designed to prioritise automation.

Pay Later Options by RelloPay

Payment plans for marketing costs, rental bonds and maintenance requests.

Working Capital Solutions for Agencies

Accessible commission ahead of settlement date with our early funding.

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Automotive payments made easy

Helping your customers get back on the road safely using our BNPL solution that's integrated on your platform.

BNPL for Dealerships and Workshops

You get paid today while customers pay later.

Sales and cashflow increase

Whether it's new tyres or brakes, remove friction at POS and increase basket size.

Improving customer experiences

Payments occur online, on to go, in an entirely secure environment.

We want to work with your industry too.

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