Easy to use, secure and integrated payments platform in your brand.

Pay by link

Send payments requests through email or SMS through your branded payment gateway makes doing business online easy. We make it easy for your customers to input and reuse their payment information.

Hosted Payments Page

Adding secure credit card payment capabilities to your website to enable your customers to submit their payment details for an online checkout process. Customise colours and settings to match the look and feel of your site.

Online Invoice Payment Capability

Send invoices with an option to accept credit or debit card payments from your customers. Accept card payments directly from your invoices or provide a link to include in your outgoing invoices.

what flip money can do for you


Accept all major debit and credit cards from customers 24/7 and get paid quicker by accepting cards

Proven pre-built solution that’s easy to implement and customised to fit into your branding

no monthly fees or set-up costs, we only charge on a per transaction basis.

1 simple dashboard allows you to see the payments in real time and also drive payment requests

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FlipMoney is an emerging Fintech focused initially to simplify the “buy now pay later” needs of home owners and real estate agents when selling a property.